Dented Esker Creations
Dented Esker Creations


Artist Statement


Today I am on fire. Despite many diversions the loop has closed, the circuit completed, the match struck. Through byways of sacrifice and experimentation I have found a flaming ocean, and an odyssey has begun. My path has led past mountain and valley, desert and seascape, to the primordial sanctuary in which I now find the liberty and inspiration to create. Here life is rich with possibility, and all things are connected as facets on a gemstone. Tapping an endless reserve of conscious and unconscious experience, each artistic performance projects a time, an idea, a feeling. Out of a hot spring living ideas erupt, emerging from hidden depths to collaborate with elements of wood, stone, and metal to configure a new nature. There are no alternatives, there is no choice; unseen forces dictate it must happen. What you experience is the ensuing stream, the tangible reflection of what was once hidden, and the visible debris of one mans attempt to better understand himself- a journey which has only just begun.




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